Its Important… How to Drink Around World Showcase (Part China)



I have only recently started to make stops here in the China Pavilion specifically for a Drinking Around the World Excursion.  I’ve always seen the China Pavilion more as a food and entertainment location, or a great respite during the short lived rain (or when I was there on Super Bowl Sunday, an all day downpour) in their significantly large gift store.

Joy of Tea, the kiosk right as you enter the Pavilion, is where you can find a refreshing cocktail, Plum Wine, or Tsing Tao beer (again, the usual husband choice).  My personal favorite is the Peach Snap! (the exclamation point is part of the title, but it also gets me excited).  Anything involving Peach Schnapps is up my alley, even though I’m not a fruity drink kind of gal…however, I find this to be the most refreshing and simple.  Quick word of advice as you attempt Drink Around the World…. don’t pick the over exaggerated, fruity cocktail.  Mixing drinks (especially high in sugar drinks) is a recipe for disaster.  Many of the drinks in this Pavilion are very sweet, and while that may be what you are looking for at the time, it could cause some issues for you later.  These are my three recommendations if you are planning for the long haul.

If you are not attempting Drinks Around the World and just feel like being frisky, there are many other choices at this kiosk.  The most famous being Tipsy Ducks in Love (the most aggressive title for a drink ever).  This significant beverage consists of Iced Tea, Iced Coffee, Bourbon, and Chocolate.  I would probably go after this if I was looking for liquid dessert.

Another fan favorite is the Green Tea Plum Slush.  Many reviews I have read have stated it is extremely sweet, so approach with caution.  Canto Loopy (obvs cantaloupe juice and vodka) and Mango Gingerita round out the most popular selections.

Pair any of these with a Bao Bun and enjoy the Chinese Acrobats for a quick little rest and reboot.   You still have quite a ways to go!