Let’s Grab a Bite in the Magic Kingdom! (Part Tomorrowland)



Winding down on our tour of Quick Services restaurants in the Magic Kingdom has taught me a few things.  Hey, don’t be a snob and only look for table service offerings.  Hey, just because its a walk up counter it doesn’t mean you can’t grab lunch consisting of Tater Tots and thats it because, let’s be honest, I would eat that for lunch everyday.  And what kid (or adult, speaking for myself) doesn’t just want their favorite snack for lunch during their vacation?

I’m having no different experience here in Tomorrowland, which is interesting considering as a child – we ALWAYS ate at Cosmic Rays.  I’m pretty sure everyone has as well.  It’s always a zoo.  I have not visited since Mobile Order has been implemented so I will have to do my research on this.  I can say, as a child, it took sooooooo long to get food here and was a bloodbath to find a table.  I will never understand how people turn into animals in theme parks.  Seriously, no consideration for others.


So let’s start with the obvious choice – Cosmic Ray’s!  The food here is so purely American and kid friendly that it is hard to avoid if you have picky eaters.  Mainly known as a burger and sandwich location, you will find a few surprises.  Using Mobile Order, there is a suprise secret menu Pork Belly Burger!  If someone just mentions the word “pork belly” to me I will drop everything, so this intrigued me.  Also at lunchtime, there is a special Pulled Pork sandwich.  The standard Angus Cheeseburger (with or without bacon), Hot Dog meal, and chicken nugget meals are sure to please everyone.  And if you are the token healthy person on this trip, there is a Greek salad (with our without chicken) in your future.  Cosmic Rays also serves S’mores as a dessert – huge bonus points.  This restaurant also serves (in my opinion) the largest allergy free menu.  Make sure to check out these options on the Disney World website if this applies to you.


One location I have recently discovered on a family trip is the Lunching Pad (they accept Mobile Order too!!)  Again, relatively the same American theme park food but the draw for me is its less chaotic than Cosmic Rays and also features FROZEN COCO-COLA.  There is something about a Frozen Coke that just puts everything right in the world.  I mean, remember begging your parents to get you a Frozen Coke in the mall?  When I randomly stop at Burger King to stress eat a Junior Whopper you best believe I am ordering a Frozen Coke with it.  I had no idea that the Lunching Pad offered this until I researched their menu (when I last went there, it was purely to quickly get my nephew a hot dog so no time to study) I again, felt that lost opportunity guilt that will never go away.

So tell me, what is your favorite Quick Service restaurant or counter in The Magic Kingdom?