It’s Monorail Monday!

What are your favorite memories on the Walt Disney World Monorail System?  

I feel like it has 2 moods – excitement or complete exhaustion, don’t you?

On my first #MonorailMonday post, I thought I’d share some tips that may make your short journey a little easier, maybe less crowded… also don’t act like it doesn’t smell like a petting zoo on hot days – it does.

The Monorail is not necessarily like the NYC Subway – you want to find that empty car.  You should not (I mean dear God I hope you don’t) find any kind excrement as you would on the subway.  Where would you find these empty cars?  On the very far end of either train.  So move fast – but don’t knock anyone over!

Also – don’t be that guy (or girl, we are gender equal here).  Give up your seat for the elderly or just that mom who looks like she needs a break.  Disney Magic doesn’t stop when you leave the park!

And finally… use the Monorail to your advantage.  I’m pretty sure this is definitely not a Disney sanctioned workaround so you didn’t hear it from me 😉  I will go on in probably alot of detail about how much I hate the Disney buses… and while yes, its free! and yes, its convenient!  I hate crowded small spaces.  So if you are like me…try this one for size.  I will take the monorail to a Magic Kingdom Resort.  Usually we do this to grab lunch, or grab a quick cocktail (because even without children, Disney can be exhausting).  THEN, grab your Uber/Lyft to your hotel of choice.  I’ve also done this in reverse… going to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party.  Take the uber/lyft…. have dinner/drinks at a Magic Kingdom Resort….then monorail to the park!!

I hope you found these tips useful on this Monorail Monday…and have a magical day!

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