Battle of the (World Showcase) Bands!

I love to stroll through World Showcase (cocktail in hand, thank you) and stop to listen to all the great Live Entertainment Epcot has to offer, don’t you?

I’m talking about the regular Entertainment, not special events like Eat to the Beat or the Flower and Garden situation.  These are bands you can catch any time of the year!  Here’s a brief rundown of what you can see, the travesty of the acts no longer there, and those we hope stick around so I at least get a chance to see them!

Let’s start with the UK Pavilion shall we?

British Revolution.  Most definitely our favorite band in World Showcase right now.  This is a British Rock Tribute Band and probably gathers the largest audience of any of acts.  The high energy band plays EVERYTHING from The Beatles, The Who, Queen, Led Zeppelin, and if you saw my most recent Instagram post, OASIS.  I think I screamed when they started playing Wonderwall.  It was embarrassing for everyone.

Musicians also show up from time to time in the Rose and Crown Pub, although honestly I have never seen it and where would they ever go?  That place is always wall to wall packed.

*One thing I have experienced in the UK Pavilion that was for one of the many festivals were Buskers.  This was PHENOMENAL and brought me straight back to the streets of Dublin where you can find one on every street corner.  A Busker, if you do not know, is a musician on the streets playing for money.  A lot of famous Irish musicians have started out as buskers!  Dear Disney – PLEASE BRING THEM BACK!!

In the Japan Pavilion (and quite honestly, you can hear them a few pavilions away) is Matsuriza.  Drums, Drums, and MORE DRUMS!  It is actually quite an epic performance of the Japanese practice of Taiko.  Honestly, I feel like I’m in an episode of Game of Thrones or maybe the new Westworld season in Shogun World…I digress.

Voices of Liberty in the American Adventure Pavilion is a Disney Classic.  And…I have never seen them perform in person outside of the Candlelight Processional….. I know.  How dare I even write a Disney blog!!!!  The famous a cappella group performs in the American Adventure Rotunda for roughly 15 minutes singing American Classics such as “America the Beautiful” and “Battle Hymn of the Republic.”  Look, I promise, when I next visit.. I will record it all for you as proof.

*Right now (meaning now until Food and Wine starts in August), you can catch Guardians of the Galaxy Awesome Mix Live! at the American Gardens Theatre.  I never visit in the summer (due to insane heat and insane crowds), so I’m pretty bummed that I will most likely not see it outside of YouTube (in fact, here’s BigFatPanda’s video here).  It looks like so much fun!  I’m hoping it is so successful that they choose to include it somewhere.

Finally, you can catch Mariachi Cobre in and around the Mexico Pavilion.  Who doesn’t love a Mariachi Band in your vicinity after a tequila flight at Cava de Tequila?

Don’t think I forgot my “In Memoriam” segment of this awards show…

RIP to Off Kilter.  The band that made the Canada Pavilion rock!!  Off Kilter was cancelled (I guess that’s the right word) in 2014… and was our most favorite band at World Showcase.  Canada will never be the same…

Also – is Mo’Rockin gone from the Morocco Pavilion?  How did I miss that?

With so much to see and do in World Showcase, I don’t know how we leave!  I hope you get to experience each of these bands, with cocktail in hand.. or not.  I mean, you do you booboo.

Have a MAGICAL Day!!