Its Important…How to Drink Around World Showcase (Part One)

Who has attempted to Drink Around the World?  I have attempted, I’m not ashamed.  Nor am I ashamed that I couldn’t finish… probably because I choose to do this during a festival where there are even MORE places to drink.  Even the title of this blog post is an inside joke with my best friend and me regarding a very hardcore trip to Food and Wine last year.

But I digress…

So – this blog series will highlight my favorite beverages in each of the countries during a normal time of the year, without extra booths (don’t worry, we will cover that later).  And for God Sakes please stay hydrated.  The Florida heat compounded with alcohol is not your best choice on a Disney vacation.  Drink responsibly yo.

Today, we will be visiting the Mexico Pavilion (which when up to me, this is where i start.    I feel like you don’t want to end a night with tequila shots IMO) with their overflowing options of tequila, margaritas….and that’s all we’re focusing on here.

The newest addition to the pavilion on its left is Choza de Margarita.  This place was NECESSARY due to the ridiculous crowds that gravitate to La Cava del Tequila, or the quick service location.  If you just want a marg and some guac – here ya go.  Choza offers both frozen and handcrafted margaritas (I’m an on the rocks gal) along with small bites (the aforementioned “guac”).  My personal favorite so far is the Guava Pink Peppercorn – made with guava and grapefruit..and yes legitimate pink peppercorns I have never seen in my life.

Our personal choice (if you can get in and/or have to wait less than 15 minutes) is La Cava del Tequila, located down the stairs to the right inside the pavilion.  Keep in mind, during weekends and festivals, this place is a ZOO more so than usual.  It is a very small place with only a bar and a few tables, but gorgeously decorated in this amber glow cavernous style.  If you are able to get in, they do have a menu of 120 speciality tequilas, along with a drink menu and small bites.  Here’s my normal suggestion:  I get a standard on the rocks margarita with my favorite tequila (siete leguas if you are wondering, and I can only buy it in New York City its annoying).  It will be pricier if you choose one of the speciality tequilas (like me), but it is worth it to me.  Ok, so here’s my hardo, let’s get this party started suggestion:  Any of the tequila flights.  You receive 3 tequila shots, salt and lime, and a chaser common in Mexico (its basically like smooth cold gazpacho soup in a shot glass).  Get any of these (and you’ll really need it with the tequila flight) with the Combo: Guacamole, Cheese Dip, Salsa, and of course, chips.  You will never want to leave this place.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of this series tomorrow!!!