Its Important… How to Drink Around World Showcase (Part Norway)


That’s right.  I used a picture of Maelstrom.  What about it.  I’m still in mourning. #RIP

Now that I got that out of my system…  Welcome to the Norway Pavilion!

Quite honestly, this isn’t the haven of unique beverages and you are most likely here to ride “Frozen Ever After”.  HOWEVER, my husband will always stop and grab a beer (I only go for beer if its a brand I really like).  The cart outside the pavilion offers Carlsberg (a Danish beer, so kind of Scandinavian I guess) or Aass (pronounced OUSE you children).  He mainly sticks with Carlsberg because you really can’t get it on draft where we live (great reason).  I kid you not, I found this random review of Aass on “On tap at Epcot. Clear golden. Whitish head. Grainy,slightly watery, and a touch bitter. Light bodied.”  Hilarious.

Inside Kringla Bakeri Og Cafe (which at the moment is being refurbed), you will find coffee drinks, specifically the Viking Coffee.  This consists of Kamora Coffee Liqueur, Baileys, and of course Coffee.  I’m not sure this is something I would go for if I am indeed trying to somewhat accomplish Drinks Around the World (I can’t imagine it would mix well with all the other things you are trying)… but would go for it on a cold night.

With Frozen and now Thor reigning supreme in the Norway Pavilion, traffic has really picked up… don’t forget to get a picture with the giant TROLL, and of course your Danish beer.