It’s Important…How to Drink in World Showcase (Part Morocco)

So, I have a confession to make.  I’m pretty sure I’m on some security videotape somewhere at WDW because my husband and brother-in-law shotgunned beers in the back alleys of the Pavilion and made me video tape it.  Yes, I brought the receipts:

You may be wondering what they ordered, and where they ordered it… also I am not condoning this behavior.  I honestly don’t know if this is just frowned upon or you really can’t do it…but here we are.  It happened, I’m not ashamed.

There’s a legitimate chance those beers were bought at Morocco Coffee and Pastries where they do serve (as you can tell) domestic beers… as well as imported Casa Beer.  Mimosas and daiquiris can also be found here as well as different liqueurs to add to your coffees.

Pretty sure the evidence was not purchased at Juice Bar, which features many “fruity” beverages (not my bag, but maybe yours) that are common cocktails with a Moroccan twist.  A great example is the Sultan’s Colada, which is basically a pina colada with almond liqueur.. interesting.  My assumption (and we all know what assuming does) is since its a “Juice Bar” the fruity cocktails abound.

So kids, keep it together in the Morocco Pavilion… and if you want to hear more about this semi-illegal trip, just respond back with #uncledavechronicles .