Its Important…How to Drink Around World Showcase (Part Japan!)


I love strolling around the expansive Japan Pavilion around sunset, don’t you?  Something about the pagoda in the light… I do hope you have some sake on hand!

Sake is an acquired taste for many people – I happen to love it, my husband does not.  So never fear, there are many other tasty options around the Pavilion.

Let’s start with my second favorite kiosk (you know I always leave the best for last in this ride) Garden House.  Located right outside of Mitsukoshi Department Store.  This kiosk is only for drinks (holla!) and has probably one of the best selections at any kiosk in World Showcase in terms of diversity.  I personally enjoy their sake flight, my husband prefers a Sapporo.  They have a wide variety of sake (even sparkling sake!) along with other Japanese beers such as Kirin and Asahi.  The fan favorite cocktail Violet Sake (which I think looks so pretty), Cucumber Cooler, Tokyo Sunset, and Rising Sun.  You know me, I keep it simple and not terribly mixed when am drinking around the world.

The Kabuki Cafe, along with serving Kakigori (japanese shaved ice) and Sushi, also serves one of my favorite treats – the Sake Mist.  Essentially it is an alcoholic Kakigori.  TAAASSTY.  The same beer selections as Garden House can be found here with a much more limited sake selection.

Now let me take you into a hidden gem within the Mitsukoshi Department Store.  Did you know they have a sake bar in the back of the store?  You can find it in the back of the area where Japanese local food and treats are sold.  It is actually quite chic and surprising with excellent servers who will help you decide what to choose – which is extremely helpful as you can definitely choose a bad tasting sake – for God sake do not get a warm one or one that is unfiltered.  Trust me on this.  I personally love a junmai – a full bodied, crisp sake that literally means “pure rice”.  Junmai sake is a pure sake, without any added alcohols – but don’t worry, its still alcoholic!

So bring your sake (or your sapporo, or your Tokyo Sunset – equal opportunities here) and enjoy the quiet beauty of the Japan pavilion – or if you are me, you are standing at the bonsai garden begging your husband to buy you a little bonsai and then who is going to take are of it while are you working – WHO??