Its Important…How to Drink Around World Showcase… (Part ‘Murica)




The American Pavilion is not a usual spot for us to stop during a regular time of year, plainly because we live in the US, and you can get these beers anywhere (especially if your husband works in the beer and wine industry).  It seems rather counterproductive to me.  HOWEVER, this pavilion during any of the festivals (especially Flower and Garden’s BBQ booth they have every year) is not to miss.

We will also hit this location if there are performances occurring in the American Garden Theatre – because you don’t have to sit in the theatre to see or hear anything going on, it fills the pavilion.  I’m pretty sure my husband and my brother in law (#uncledave) hit it up 3 times while I watched the Candlelight Processional.

Block and Hans is our personal favorite with a more interesting selection of beers.  Serving one of my favorite beers in general – Bell’s Amber Ale – is my usual go-to.  The kiosk also serves Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale, Michigan’s Founder’s Porter, and Virginia’s Honor Warrior IPA (another great choice).

Fife and Drum Tavern serves your more basic American brews such as Sam Adams seasonals, Yeungling (which was only cool for us to order when they didn’t sell it in Ohio) and Bud Light (yep).  I was not aware they had a Frozen Red Stag Lemonade (found during research, and who doesn’t like Red Stag and Coke) which I must try some time.  Finally, Sutter Home wines are available if you haven’t had enough of them at your local Courtyard Marriott.

I would be remiss to say that the new Club 33 will be opening in the top floor of the American Adventure building, and if you that fancy and can afford 30k for I’m hoping even fancier beverages – get after it.

So grab your favorite American beer of choice and hopefully you are still able to catch Guardian’s of the Galaxy Awesome Mix LIVE! while it is still playing before Eat to the Beat inevitably takes over – I swear, if I don’t see Boyz II Men there soon I’m going to throw a toddler size fit.