Its Important…How to Drink Around World Showcase (Part Italy)

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Ciao bella!

(When I would drink alot of Limoncello in actual Italy I tended to yell this alot, I wasn’t the only one.)

Italy Pavilion has a TON of choices for you during your journey, including my favorite spot in all of World Showcase – Tutto Gusto Wine Cellar (which we will get to shortly).  Before I get to my holy grail, I’d like to review your choices throughout the remainder of the Pavilion if you feel like bypassing the best place in all of World Showcase it is your choice you do you.

Walking into the “piazza” (or the center of the pavilion) you are bombarded by quite a few choices.  For directional purposes, let’s pretend you are on the outside of the Pavilion looking IN to the piazza (wine store and kiosk to your left, Tutto Gusto and Tutto Italia on your right).

Looking directly straight you will see Via Napoli, but did you know Via Napoli has a seasonal quick service window?  I tend to come back to this window at the end of my journey because who doesn’t want a slice of pizza after they drank a million drinks (although heads up, its not 99 cents like in NYC).  I have not had any drinks at this location (for the aforementioned reason in the last sentence) however, in my research I’m quite mad I have not – the selection is quite nice.  The wine and beer selection is much wider  at this location and also offers a Limoncello Mule.  I am on the fence regarding this one for 2 reasons: A.  It has Sardinian vodka.  I have been to Sardinia and was not aware there was a vodka selection so now I must try this…however B. there is a ton of juices (pineapple, orange, etc) in this mule which is not how a Mule is made and could make any drinking situation you are in take a turn.

The Gelato cart also includes Italian wine and beer (I will normally grab a prosecco or a limoncello here) along with an Italian Margarita (limoncello + tequila… I am intrigued).  Not to be forgotten is the Italian Donkey Cart (how dare they call it an Italian Donkey Cart that is SICILIAN DONKEY CART) which has a fun Limoncello or Orangello Cocktail along with similar Italian wines and beers.

Ok – you’ve waited a few paragraphs for this..let’s talk about Tutto Gusto Wine Cellar.  There are SO many reasons this is my favorite but let’s start with the obvious.  This spot is the closest to any experience you would have in any wine bar or Alimentari or Salumeria in Italy.  The World Showcase Pavilions are clearly not a true representation of what the country looks like today, more of the essence of the country and its history.  I have been to many a spot in Italy just like this location and I applaud Disney for their attention to the quality of the food and beverage selection.  This does include standard fruity Disney type cocktails (which lets be honest, is more attuned to the American pallate – did I spell that right), however, you can still order traditional Italian cocktails like a Negroni (campari, gin, vermouth) or an Americano (which is a negroni but I think minus the vermouth).  Italian cocktails are very bitter (why do you think the Beverly soda in Club Cool is so bitter? Duh) and the bartenders always warn me ahead of time.  I’m always like “hey I’m cool, I’m sicilian” and then they look at me like I’m nuts because I’m a natural blonde.

This location has some amazing wine (and prosecco) flights which I highly recommend along with food very similar to what you would find in any Salumeria or Wine Bar in Italy (as opposed to the very Americanized Italian food you would have in say, Tutto Italia, ugh I’m such a snob).  I think I’m cool and order off menu – I just ask them to slice up some prosciutto or finocchiona with some parmigiano reggiano THAT IS ALL YOU NEED.  PLUS their staff is so kind and willing to chit chat – ITS HEAVEN I DON’T KNOW WHAT ELSE TO TELL YOU.