It’s Important….How to Drink Around World Showcase (Part Germany)


Isn’t this a blog post about how to drink in the Germany Pavilion and you post a random picture of a train?  Well, yes and YES.  If you know the Pavilion well, this is part of the miniature trains that run on the side of the Pavilion, and OUR particular favorite part of the pavilion.  So yes…this is about how to drink here, but this is my favorite part of the pavilion ITS MY BLOG SO DEAL WITH IT.

Since I feel like ranting, is there really nothing else to drink in this pavilion other than Beer and Riesling and the answer is no…where do you think you are?  (my run on sentences today are influenced by Ernest Hemingway, thank you).

The Germany pavilion is most definitely one of the high points on your Drinking Tour, with its Bier cart consistently busy at all times.  You can find the same beers at any location within the Pavilion.  Our personal favorite is the Allenmunster Oktoberfest (which yes, you can get any time of year).  Then I will scramble to find a table while my husband waits in line at the quick service counter for some type of “wurst” and sauerkraut.  According to him, I have never let us eat inside Biergarten – which I hear is amazing – and won’t let me forget it.  Maybe I have, but we are usually there during any of the many festivals and never really have had a need in some time to sit at a restaurant so he can calm down.

Based on my research, the most popular beer here is the Schofferhofer Pink Grapefruit Hefeweizen.  My husband really enjoys this, I am not a fan of citrusy beer – tomato/tomahto.  If you are looking for something darker, try the Warsteiner Dunkel.  I truly enjoy this beer (I actually prefer darker beers) but it is not ideal for a Drinking Around the World situation.

I do hope you are also grabbing a giant pretzel and walking over to the other side of the pavilion to enjoy the charm of the miniature train set and are not trying to drag away your significant other because its getting late, we still have a lot of countries to visit AND get a spot for illuminations… we’ve seen this train a thousand times.