Its Important… How to Drink in World Showcase (Part UK)


The United Kingdom Pavilion is the perfect place to wind down your evening at Epcot, especially if you began in Mexico.  Liquor before beer, you’re in the clear – amirite?

There are plenty of places in this Pavilion to grab a pint or a dram, so stay calm… and carry on with your journey!

As you cross the bridge into the UK pavilion, you will come across Yorkshire County Fish Shop, recalling many of the chippys you will find in any part of the UK (for those of you who don’t know, a chippy is a place where you can buy fish and chips –  chips meaning fries, come on people).  Only 2 beers are sold here, Harp and Bass –  you can’t really go wrong with these.

The Rose and Crown Beer Garden is a kiosk right next to Rose and Crown and serves the same Harp and Bass along with a Cider.  This is our usual quick stop during Illuminations, as we tend to gravitate hear towards the start of the show (most likely before they blow out the torches).  If you can squeeze in, there are great views by the tree next to this kiosk.

The most famous stop for a pint (or a dram if you’re a hardo) is the actual Rose and Crown Pub, which is probably the most accurate building to modern day UK.  It is always EXTREMELY crowded, especially in the evening, so good luck trying to elbow your way to the bar.  The selection here is significant (more so than I’ve ever seen in an actual UK pub).  We will usually grab a Smithwicks (pronounced Smiddicks, don’t be that guy), a great red Irish ale, and head to the gardens to watch British Revolution.  There are also tasty blends to try like a Bumblebee (Boddingtons and Guinness) or a Snake Bite (Cider and Harp).

Now if you are truly feeling it, there are Whiskey/Whisky flights.  I have not done this yet, as usually this is my second to last stop and who wants to pound three shots of whiskey after all this – but maybe I’m a lightweight, who knows.  I hope I have the strength one day to wait to try this, the flight selection is basic, but decent… The Irish Whiskey Flight consists of Tullamore Dew (I’ve actually visited their distillery once), Jameson, and Bushmills.  I’m a little more interested in the Single Malt Scotch Flight – consisting of Glenkinchie, Oban, and Lagavulin (lagavulin being one of my favorite scotches overall).   There are also Macallan flights and Tawny Ports (which I didn’t know about until I researched this, I may change my final night beers to this).

Well if you haven’t browned out yet and can still hang on until our final stop – Canada…stay tuned.  Stay strong.