Its Important…How to Drink Around World Showcase (Part Canada)



You did it!  You made it to  the final country?  Can you see straight?  Are you making words with your mouth?  Wow, I hope so.  If you followed my tips for making it through relatively unscathed, you most definitely can’t drive right now, but can hold a conversation.  Remember, this is a FAMILY park guys.

Canada is the usual end of the road for most people attacking Drinks Around the World, and that’s not a bad thing.  Its a very chill Pavilion with not a lot going on since Off Kilter WRONGFULLY no longer performs here.  This will most likely be your nightcap right before or during Illuminations (if you can catch them, a lot of the kiosks start closing at this time).  The majority of people will stop by the Popcorn cart right before the entrance to Le Cellier where they have a selection of Canadian beers.  The fan favorite is Le Fin du Monde, however, my husband will always go for a Labatt Blue or Moosehead.  You can sometimes also find Unibroue beers such as Ephemere and Trois Pistoles.

As always, inside the giftshop is a little bar where you can find the same beers as well as Ice Wine, IMO the most famous and expensive beverage you can bring back from visiting Canada.

We did it team, we made it through!  Now, drink plenty of water and take 2 advil and you’ll be good to go for another park in the morning!