Let’s Grab a Quick Bite in the Magic Kingdom (Part Main Street)


Should I be concerned that my next blog series is also food related?

I’m going to say no, because regardless if you are going to WDW with your family, your significant other, or friends…the main topic of conversation is “where are we having lunch/dinner?” (is that just me?)

Our next blog series circles around Quick Service in the Magic Kingdom – options and recommendations!  We are going to stick to quick service only in this series, locations where you can get an actual meal of food at a counter.  We will touch on snack locations and kiosks in other series.

And let’s not forget about the magic that is Mobile Ordering.  Quick Service locations can be INSANE…and understandably so.  They are (sort of) easy to grab and go large quantities of food and are the cheaper option in terms of food in the World.  Because of this, the lines are large and annoying.  BUT WAIT! Now you can order your food directly in the My Disney Experience App, bypass the line/queue, and go!  I have family and friends with young children who swear by this feature…and you should too!  Now only if you could get help finding a table for 5 people….

Let’s start with Main Street.. obviously, its right there when you walk in!

Casey’s Corner has always been a favorite since I was a child.  Situated on the upper left hand corner of Main Street, Casey’s Corner finds its inspiration from the 1888 Ernest Lawrence Thayer poem which then inspired the 1946 Walt Disney Animated Short of the same name.  What is more Americana than hot dogs and baseball!!

Again, Mobile Order is clutch here… the lines are maddening and the crowds are IRATE (which blows my mind, the amount of angry people in WDW) especially around lunch time or right before a parade or fireworks.


I will always go for the basic hot dog meal and do what I will with the toppings bar, but there are many times you will catch me going for it and ordering the Chili Cheese Dog.  Also on the menu are FOOTLONG options in regular and chili cheese, which I could see being a fun, family adventure ending in someone vomiting on Mine Train….so take your chances.  There is also a Mac and Cheese Dog (again, I could see the same ending).  Also, there is a Monthly Feature Dog, with numerous toppings that remind me of a Hot Dog restaurant near where I live…but I wouldn’t want to ride thrill rides after it.  Don’t forget the corn nuggets, they are not to be missed!  These meals do come with fries unless you are avoiding carbs (we all have good intentions when we walk in, then order with our eyes) then you can also choose apple slices.  You can pat yourself on the back for that level of self control at a theme park.

If you would like to categorize the Main Street Bakery Starbucks as a place to grab lunch, I would highly discourage.  This is a Starbucks through and through with a little bit of Disney baked goods thrown in for good measure. Now, don’t get me wrong, I show up there bright and early in the morning (it drives my husband nuts, he would much rather support Joffreys)  I need my Starbucks.  I just wouldn’t order my lunch there… I’m not even going to review the menu with you…seriously its a Starbucks menu.  Just go to their website.  Was that harsh?  Maybe, but tough love is needed right now.

Does anyone miss the stadium seating and old cartoons next door as much as I do?