Let’s Grab a Quick Bite in the Magic Kingdom! (Part Adventureland)


I think its a pretty fair assumption that when you are looking for something to eat in Adventureland, you are looking for a Dole Whip.  I would be remiss to mention the ICONIC Disney snack can be found at Aloha Isle in this “land.”

But what if you want a whole meal of food (to quote Old School)?  Well, you’re in luck!  I tend to find the quick service in Adventureland not as crazy as say Fantasyland or Tomorrowland, and the food is more limited – but very creative!


Tortuga Tavern will be our stop for a quick service meal today, serving basic park food (hot dogs and turkey legs) along with an Asian fusion twist.  This restaurant specializes in short ribs – CHIPOTLE BBQ short ribs!! (Why I write these blog posts at lunch time I’ll never know).  Enjoy a chipotle bbq short rib sandwich with a citrus slaw. Or… you can add this to your hot dog with the Hot Dog Combo meal – taking the short rib and the slaw and adding it to your hot dog!  I think I just gained 10lbs thinking about it, but its worth it and I’m not ashamed.

Back in the day, this joint used to have burritos…what happened to the burritos?  I loved the burritos!  Is this because they moved most Mexican fare to Pecos Bill?  Bring back the burritos!!!

So now that you have enjoyed your meal, feel free to make yourself even more full and grab a Dole Whip.  Or…maybe digest a bit and come back.  Up to you.