Let’s Grab a Bite in the Magic Kingdom! (Part Frontierland)



Well Howdy Partner! (I’m such a Yankee I can’t even pull this off without giggling)

But seriously folks, let’s mosey on over to Frontierland for today’s Quick Service Roundup (see what I did there) to see what their fixin’ for our hastily eaten lunch or dinner!

Quite honestly, we tend to hit up Frontierland in the morning, heading right towards Big Thunder Mountain… so it has been quite some time since we ate a meal here and it required a bit of research.  So I am going to handle this blog entry similarly to how I handled my Epcot Food and Wine Festival 2018 Preview! (and if you haven’t read that yet how dare you).  What would I order if I was having lunch/or dinner there tomorrow?


Let’s head on over to Golden Oaks Outpost first, mainly because its open right now.  Golden Oaks is only open seasonally.  I swear, didn’t this place used to sell McDonald’s fries.  Someone needs to confirm this information.  I mean, I could look it up…but..meh.  This outdoor quick service stop serves Southwest realness with Chili Queso Fries, Jalopeno poppers, Fried Cauliflower (which comes with a ranch dipping sauce – this was almost my choice here) as well as your basic chicken nuggets.  My choice, however, is going to be the BBQ Chicarrons (Pork Rinds).  I have this weird obsession with freshly made Pork Rinds.  I had no idea they served these here, and now I need this in my life.  You can also find two kinds of milkshakes.  Looking for feedback here, what is your thought process when ordering a heavy milkshake in Florida heat and then going on rides?  Curious.


The main food attraction in Frontierland (and really, all of Magic Kingdom) is Pecos Bill Tall Tales Inn and Cafe.  There was a bit of controversy here as of late, when they overhauled their menu.  Originally more of a southwest/western/BBQ type menu, they have moved into Tex Mex.  I actually like this menu better, but I understand Disney purists (I am one on certain occasions) and remember many childhood meals here.  On the menu we have Southwest Salads (beef or chicken), a Taco Trio, Fajitas, and Rice Bowls with your choice of chicken, beef, or veggie.  They did keep the Bacon Cheeseburgers if you are trying to be loyal to the OG brand…I respect it.  My choice,  however, is going to be the Jerk Chicken lettuce wraps.  I don’t like to eat a lot of food at lunch as it will definitely ruin my dinner…and there are wayyy too many great options to skip out on dinner!  I love this because its carb-free (not that I’m carb free, they just make me tired) and good protein.  Perfect to keep you energized throughout the day!

Also – I had all hopes that the Tortuga Tavern-like burritos would’ve made their home here, and I got a big fat no thank you to that one.  Man…someone has to have burritos somewhere!! Do I need to start a gofundme page or something??