Let’s Grab a Bite in the Magic Kingdom! (Part Liberty Square)




Liberty Square holds a special place in our hearts as it is always the first “land” we visit – because our first ride is always the Haunted Mansion!  Also, our favorite show “The Muppets Present Great Moments in American History.” !  Did I mention we love Liberty Square?


This area also has some of Magic Kingdom’s most unique food choices, and probably one of our top spots for a quick lunch – Columbia Harbor House.  This quick service restaurant is surprisingly huge and has a colonial New England feel.  I would be interested to hear what the seating situation is like during super peak summer season, as I usually don’t travel to the World then, but we have never had trouble finding a seat any other time of the year.

The menu is very New England seafood-esque.  And for those of you Catholic folk like myself, it is the perfect spot during Lent – you know what I’m talking about.  FISH FRY FOR DAAAAAYZZZZ.

My personal favorite is the Lobster Roll.  What I find rather shocking is mass made lobster rolls can be very lobster light, this is not the case here – or really any location in Disney that serves a lobster roll (if you haven’t had the Boathouse lobster roll what are you doing with your life).  Plus they have hushpuppies.  I would give up my husband for hushpuppies and he knows it.

If lobster is not your thing, there are some great seafood combo dishes with fried shrimp, fried white fish, and if you are really not into fish at all – chicken nuggets! (Cant go wrong with chicken nuggets).  And for the person making a conscious decision to be healthy on their Disney trip, there is a nice Salmon dish or the Lighthouse sandwich that consists of hummus and veggies (honestly, that would be my second choice here – I just really love hummus).  DON’T FORGET, this place has Mobile Order!!!


I’ve been trying to keep this blog series to quick service only, where you can get a quick meal – and while this place doesn’t let you use a Quick Service credit, how would you not consider them a whole meal of food?  I’m talking about Sleepy Hollow, your first sight after crossing the bridge from Main Street.  This location is known for its Waffle creations, and while eating anything close to a waffle will result in 2 days of upset stomach for me, I have many friends who live and die by this joint.  You will probably see it at its busiest during breakfast hours or near time before nighttime parades/fireworks as a dessert stop  If these waffles wouldn’t lead to my death, I would most likely choose the Fresh Fruit Waffle that includes a chocolate-hazelnut spread a la Nutella.  A good friend ate this in front of me and I must say I was genuinely curious.  For a savory option, try the Sweet and Spicy Chicken Waffle Sandwich.  For breakfast (or at least until noon) you can order a Breakfast Egg and Cheese Waffle.  This location also serves the standard Mickey Waffle and Funnel Cake with the ability to add berries and cream (I mean, go big or go home at this point).

Grab a bite, and make sure you check the times for the Muppet show, if you haven’t seen this yet, its the funniest show in the entire Walt Disney World resort.  Yep I said it.  Don’t @ me.